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is a program launched in 2004 by Shoshauna Shy in Madison, Wisconsin, with the mission of bringing poetry out of the libraries, bookstores and classrooms into the general public arena. Calls for submissions are conducted largely via cyberspace.

Woodrow Hall Editions


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Inspired by the plethora of innovative proposals for the Woodrow Hall Jumpstart Award, Woodrow Hall Editions decided to offer the runner-up some monetary assistance for their project or program idea, as well.

In April 2012, the recipients of this funding were Susan Elbe, Sara Parrell, Jesse Lee Kercheval and Katrin Talbot for their partnership with the Chazen Museum of Art to bring The Bridge Poetry Series to Madison. An ongoing year-round program, poets from around the state are invited to respond to a work of art from a particular exhibit, and then share their poem at a public reading. This award is to fund the September 2012 reading in the series.



In April 2011, the recipient of this funding was John Bloner, Jr. of Kenosha Community Media. In partnership with Southport Press, the Kenosha Writers' Guild, Kenosha Transit and the Rhode Center for the Arts, John arranged for local poet-artist pairs to produce placards of their collaborative work and have them installed on five historic streetcars. These brightly-painted vintage trolleys journey two miles past museums and parks in downtown Kenosha. Go to trainweb.org/twerhs/kenosha.html to learn more and see them in action! You can also see samples of the poetry placards here: versewisconsin.org/Issue106/prose106/poetrynews.html

Questions? shoshaunashy@yahoo.com